Splinter is a real-time still imagery in motion desktop interface / super simple imagery based programming language, and the ultimate desktop customizer. It turns your desktop into Wonderland, where the impossible becomes possible, and it is only limited by the imagination.

It combines the 5 most commonly used desktop application functionality genres:

File Launcher
Icon Docking Station
Stack Docklet
Wallpaper Flipper
Visual Style Editor

in a unique way, giving it uniquely amazing abilities that have never been seen


  1. Hi, thanks so much for you application. I just sent it to Gizmo's Freeware site as a "hot find". I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!


  2. Hi, DJ, thank you SO MUCH, that is SO cool, haha. I have never even heard of that site. Where have I been, they seem to be HUGE. I cannot thank you enough for that submission for a hot find!!!!!!

    And to answer question, Splinter is 100% FREE, no one will ever have to pay a dime. That quote was from, seems like a year ago, when I was going to try to sell it for 20$ Changed my mind about charging, as I realized that I could still earn enough to be able to keep developing Splinter, forever, in other ways. My only concern was the continued development, and that is taken care of.

    Thanks again, SOOO MUCH, you absolutely humble me with such a kind gesture. Ever need any help, don't hesitate to ask, I am on it.

  3. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Hi Friend , Mike C here. On the giz site, or even more informative maybe the portableapps.com or portablefreeware.com sites, there are good examples of what is meant by portable. I notice this is storing user config in the appdata tree of user folder. An ini file in the portable folder would help and better minds than mine will be able to help on one of those sites, I would think.

    The splicon configuration screen dialog box that shows after selecting a trigger, it's missing the 'okay' and 'cancel' buttons on the bottom. That's as far as I've been able to advance so far running the portable version of software.

    1. Hi, Mike, thank you for the feedback. The okay and cancel buttons are missing, I am "sure", because you likely have your display set at medium for font and such. ( Will have to make adjustment, next build. The only way for you to see it is to put it back to 100%. BUT, you can just know that a single press of tab from the frames per second box will get you to okay, and one more will get you to cancel.)

      As for user config file, I forgot about that, actually. I will take you advice, thank you. Anything else, I am here. Thanks!

    2. You can see the dialogue box with the display size options at the following link. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/125/e/2/dialogue_box_issue_by_dipperdon-d4ykyj2.jpg

  4. Anonymous5/04/2012

    Tabs -- Thank you, Mike C

  5. Anonymous5/04/2012

    My old eyes need every bit of that 125%, so I'm using the tabs. Back to cooking with gas now. Another nice thing, I use MuralPix Wallpaper Changer and this app doesn't interfere with that at all. Mike C

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    2. I know what you mean about eyes. I only discovered tabs because I needed that 25%, too. And, obviously you can do whatever you wish, but Splinter is a wallpaper changer. The pages in Splinter are Windows wallpapers, it does not run over the desktop, it is the desktop. And it is far more powerful a wallpaper flipper than MuralPix, just saying.

      Also, the only way that you can have different triggers and splicons ogainst different backgrounds is to use Splinter as the wallpaper flipper. Because it locks triggs and splicons to the pages that you set. With another flipper, Splinter will only think that you have one background. This COULD be useful, I suppose, if you ONLY want a specific few splicons available that can "blend" into the environment. But Splinter is designed to blend the "desktop icons"(splicons) into the background, for a seamless experience.

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  7. Anonymous6/07/2012

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