Splinsational Tips, Tricks, and Add-ons

Here are a couple of little know features/tips/tricks/abilities within Splinter.

1 CTRl+SHIFT+A will toggle between splicon id's (tooltips) being visible or hidden when hovering over triggers.  - why? Hidden objects within pages. Countless uses for this.

2 CTRL+ALT(or ctrl+shift)+Arrow keys will cycle through all of the pages(wallpapers)within that splinterface.

3 Immersion Mode. When this is enabled, EACH splicon can link to one other splicon PER page, creating splicon sets. These splicons within a set will all have the same value, either opened or closed. If you open one on one page, all will be opened on the other pages. When used in a 3d environment of differing angles of the same scene, it gives it a more realistic feel, as each angle is cohesive with each other and to the environment, as a whole. A car door open in one angle will be opened in all others, for example. Also, it allows for cool types of hidden object games, where the objects only become visible on a page if the right steps were done on another page, with its linked splicons... Many many more uses, for this, as well.....

4 Triggers are able to be animated pngs, which are basically like animated gifs, only better, as they can incorporate alpha(transparency) blending, which gifs cannot.

5. The "settrans" script command, which allows for triggers to fade in or out of view, rather than just appearing or disappearing, "instantly".

6.Splinter enhancement - Auto add triggers button
This package will create a button that will auto add 10 triggers in rapid succession to any splinterface.Place the NirCmd folder in the following path (create the folders if needed). C:\Splinter\Addons\ .Put the AddTriggers.exe and the Triggers.exe anywhere you wish (however I recommend C:\Splinter\Scripts\, as this will be the default location where these types of shortcuts and function upgrades will go)You can then drag the AddTriggers.exe onto any trigger or splicon to hotlink it. When you click it, it will launch a button that can be moved around the screen and when clicked, will auto add 10 triggers. DONT MOVE THE MOUSE AFTER YOU CLICK IT UNTIL ALL TEN TRIGGERS HAVE BEEN CREATED. THE APPLET USES KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS AND MOUSE CLICKS TO CREATE THEM. Button download link https://sites.google.com/site/splintercentral/AddTriggers.zip

7. Use a free program called PNGOptimizer to shrink the size of your png images before putting them into Splinter. You can shrink the size of a splinterface by up to 40%. This is really only important with very large splinterfaces or if you have an older, slower computer. The applet will be included in all future splinter related releases.

8. CLSID (universal Windows function identifiers), such as %USERNAME% can be usedt to create universally accessible icon/folder ...here is a link to a CLSID folder with all of the shortcuts, that is placed in the C:\Splinter folder, so that every splinterface created by any and all, can just pull the same shortcuts from out of this path and all will be integrate-able  and-----

(EDIT- I just woke up from a long needed 10 hour crash. I will update this journal entry with the zipped CLSID shortcut folder later today)...


Splinter is a real-time still imagery in motion desktop interface / super simple imagery based programming language, and the ultimate desktop customizer. It turns your desktop into Wonderland, where the impossible becomes possible, and it is only limited by the imagination.

It combines the 5 most commonly used desktop application functionality genres:

File Launcher
Icon Docking Station
Stack Docklet
Wallpaper Flipper
Visual Style Editor

in a unique way, giving it uniquely amazing abilities that have never been seen